• ISC CC1 – Ceramic Coating
  • ISC PC1 – Polymer Coating

ISC CC1 – Ceramic Coating


ISC CC1 – Ceramic Coating is similar to the scratch-resistant or anti-reflectivecoatings on optical lenses. It is highly effective at shedding water and also resists staining, adhesion and UV degradation.


ISC CC1 – Ceramic Coating is a high-tech sealant designed to last.Born from ISC’s wealth of experience, this ceramic coating forms a tough, durable, water beading ceramic barrier on paintwork and plastics, increasing the depth of gloss and protecting the surfaces against atmospheric pollutants and acid rain.

Once professionally applied, thiscoating doesn’t require any maintenance – just a regular hand wash and dry, to restore that “just waxed” look, every time.


ISC CC1 – Ceramic Coating is a long-lasting coating for paint, headlamps and plastic trims. It’s easy to clean, particular for engine soot staining, salt, tree sap, sand, oils and bird lime.


ISC CC1 – Ceramic Coating minimises oxidation from UV and works as a gas barrier to exclude O2 and prevent the formation of free radicalswith UV.


ISC CC1 – Ceramic Coating improves colourdepth and shine while preventing adhesion.


ISC CC1 – Ceramic Coating is simple and fast to apply. It is applied to a clean vessel with a soft cloth, allowing10 minutesfor curing, and then buffed to a high shine.


After ISC CC1 is removed by standard polishing or preparation procedures, repainting and repairs can then be performed.


IPC Ceramic paint, gel-coat and plastic protector/sealer


  • Protects and enhance the surface of paint, plastic and gel-coat, including stainless steel, carbon-fibre, aluminum and plastic windows Can also be applied to matt paint without changing the gloss, creating an easy to maintain surface that’s water repellant and less prone to staining
  • Improves the gloss effect, even on new surfaces
  • Advanced technology for proven performance
  • High-performance water-beading barrier that looks great on paint, plastics and gel-coat
  • Highly resistant to acid rain and bird lime
  • Lasts for up to one year
  • No machinery necessary, fast and easy to apply
  • No need to mask-out components
  • Returns paint and plastic to as-new
  • Makes surfaces easier to clean
  • No maintenance needed, just a simple wash and dry
  • Easily to repair if necessary with no scratches, dents or need to repaint)

ISC PC1 – Polymer Coating


  • High gloss and colour depth
  • Durable
  • Silky feel
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Non-permanent coating
  • Water-resistant

ISC PC1 – Polymer Coating is a premium product for paint surfaces and gel-coats. It is specially engineered to create high shine, gloss and colourdepth, with a highly durable coating that lasts up to 12 months. The coating has excellent water-resistance and creates a smooth, silky feel. itis quick and simple to apply and can be purchased alone, or as part of a kit with ISC High Cut &ISCNo Swirl to get the best overall results.


ISC PC1 – Polymer Coating is a liquid cream base silicone-based product. While curing, the silicones cross-link to form a cargo-net like structure which binds to the paint or gel-coat surface. This gives it a long lasting shine and high durability during washing , especially compared to the likes of carnauba-based waxes.


ISC PC1 – Polymer Coating is safe for re-painting unlike products containing PTFE or volatile silicones.


ISC PC1 – Polymer Coating is a non permanent coating unlike the ISC CC1 – Ceramic Coating. Commonly used on an annual re-treatment basis.


  • Makes surfaces easy to clean returning the paint to that “as-new” look, with a simple wash and dry
  • Improves the gloss even on new surfaces
  • Silky finish
  • Lasts for up to 9 months
  • Proven performance from market leading technology Water-resistant barrier that looks great
  • Easily to repair if necessary with no scratches, dents or need to repaint)

“Quality is the hallmark of
the true superyacht,
that’s why our ISC exerts
control over every process.”


“On vessels that have
received a full coating
performed by ISC,
we also offer an extended
warranty service following
the completion of your
initial warranty.”



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