Crafting huge amounts of metal into floating works of art requires creativity on a unique scale: it takes technical prowess down to sub-millimeter precision and seamless project coordination between the numerous teams and the shipyard.

It also takes the ability to respond to unforeseen time pressures, brought about by the numerous changes invariably made to a yacht during the building process. These changes can result in serious delays that compromise the fairing and painting schedule. As most contractors have limited manpower, finding additional personal at short notice can present a problem.

Fortunately, ISC is no ordinary contractor. In these situations, we have access to additional specialist resource when needed to ensure the successful and timely completion of your project. And despite the time constraints of modern schedules, we never cut corners but still use traditional time-proven methods to achieve the greatest results.

“Quality is the hallmark of
the true superyacht,
that’s why our ISC exerts
control over every process.”

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“On vessels that have
received a full coating
performed by ISC,
we also offer an extended
warranty service following
the completion of your
initial warranty.”


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