Refitting a superyacht can be fraught with concerns about hidden costs and the quality of the final finish. That’s why, from the outset, ISC ensures that all aspects of your refit are clearly detailed and agreed with clear acceptance criteria to ensure easy agreement over the quality of final finish and a clear breakdown of the costs – so you can budget with confidence and rest assured about the results.

After consultation, detailed work specifications are drawn-up by our team with support from leading paint manufactures and independent surveyors, in accordance with own exacting standards and latest ICOMIA standards. Based on these assessments, precise and clear quality criteria and expectations are set out in the contract prior to the commencement of works.

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“Quality is the hallmark of
the true superyacht,
that’s why our ISC exerts
control over every process.”

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“On vessels that have
received a full coating
performed by ISC,
we also offer an extended
warranty service following
the completion of your
initial warranty.”


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